ONLINE BUDGET BATTLE // YesStyle vs. Romwe

Spring is around the corner and it’s time to change up our wardrobes! I’m going to review some products that I ordered from YesStyle & Romwe and give you some pro tips on ordering from these budget stores.


Style/Selection: Trendy, but largely South Korean/Asian styles. They have everything including clothes, false lashes, shoes, Korean beauty products, undergarments, you name it. The wide selection actually makes it harder since there are just so. many. products. Luckily, they have reliable reviews on their product pages so you know which ones to avoid.

Price: YesStyle is fairly priced. I’d say their prices are comparable to stores such as Forever 21 and H&M.

Shipping: YesStyle is a Hong Kong-based brand, but their manufacturing and warehouse is in China. As a result, shipping can take a long time. Pro Tip #1: Each item states the approximate time it’ll take to ship. Since they ship the entire order at once, if even one item in your cart takes 30 days to ship, it will make your entire order ship around that time too. I was impressed with their service. They forgot to ship my earrings, and they didn’t hesitate to re-ship them to me (though that’ll take another month).

Quality: The quality isn’t the best, but it isn’t too bad either; you get what you pay for (only the sale price!). The items are what you’d expect as long as you read the reviews.

Verdict: I’m more interested in shopping here for their jewelry, accessories, and beauty products as opposed to their clothing. Though if your style is more of an Asian style, this is a great place for you to shop!

Some of my favourite pieces from left to right:

  1. Striped Zip Jacket ($31.89) & Letter Short Sleeve Tee ($9.37)
  2. Ruffled Gingham Off-the-Shoulder Top (not for sale anymore, but here’s a similar one)
  3. Cutout Mini Skirt ($11.82)
  4. Asymmetric Drop Earrings ($2.49)
  5. 3/4-Sleeve V-Neck Chiffon Blouse ($13.09)


Style/Selection: To my surprise, most of the items that I’ve ordered at Romwe are true to the images on the website – as long as you’re weary of the reviews on the product pages. Pro Tip #2: I also suggest staying away from regular graphic tees (unless you like your shirts shrinking in the dryer) and to order a size down in all their clothing. Even their XS jeans are way too big for me. That said, I wear a lot more of the clothes from Romwe than I do from my YesStyle clothes. Romwe’s style is a lot more current and in par with my own. 

Price: I’m a sucker for good deals and Romwe definitely brings those “amazing” deals. They raise a few eyebrows considering the amount of marketing they do that seems to good to be true. I mean tanktops for $2? Really? Their prices are cheap – but so is their quality. 

Shipping: Again Romwe ships from China, so shipping can take quite a long time. 

Quality: To be frank – Romwe clothes are cheap. The quality is pretty terrible. However, if you’re looking to purchase something that’s inexpensive and to get ~5 wears out of it, definitely don’t be afraid to shop here. 

Verdict: I like the clothes here and I have gotten a few wears out of them. If you’re looking for cheap clothes that you don’t expect to last forever – Romwe’s your gal. Pro Tip #3: Though I liked the earrings I ordered from here, they broke really easily after a couple of tugs. So maybe stick to YesStyle for jewelry. 

Some of my favourite pieces from left to right:

  1. Frill Off Shoulder Elasticized Lantern Sleeve Top ($15.39)
  2. Drop Shoulder Yellow Hoodie (the same one isn’t for sale anymore, but here’s an alternative)
  3. Space Dye Drop Shoulder Tee Dress ($11.28)
  4. Frayed Trim Tapered Jeans ($16.67)
  5. Sequin Detail Hoop Earrings ($2.55)

Overall, both YesStyle and Romwe are good cheaper and more convenient alternatives to your regular clothing stores.  I can truthfully say that I’m satisfied with my shopping experience for both stores. Let me know what other online stores I should review next! 👇

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