PRODUCT REVIEW // TTDEye Coloured Contacts

…And I’m back with another product review! Today I’m going to go over some coloured contacts and three different colours that I tested out. Since summer is just around the corner, I figured that now’s the best time to try some new looks.

Polar Lights Brown in one eye. Such a huge difference!

TTDEye is a brand that I’ve seen all bloggers, YouTubers, and influencers RAVE over. Despite shipping from China, my order took just shy of one month (which was way shorter than I expected). I also found it super tricky to find colours that I liked or that I thought wouldn’t look creepy in my eyes. The pricing is reasonable given that these contacts supposedly have a life of 1 year (??? kind of concerning because what contacts last that long), but they also have lenses with prescription! They usually have a Buy 2, Get 1 pair free promotion running – one pair is approximately $30.00. Let’s move on to the product itself!

*Disclaimer that my review will only be helpful to those who have dark brown (almost black) eyes like myself.


TTDeye contacts packaging! Includes freebies like a mirror, glitter, temp tattoos, and stickers.

The packaging really surprised me. Not only does it come in a cute pink box, they also provide a bunch of random goodies such as stickers, glitter, and a mirror. Not sure if I’ll ever use any of these, but I appreciate the thought and the effort.

TTDeye contacts containers with case, suction, and tweezers

Each of the contacts come with their own box, case, and those contact suction cup things that can help you with putting the contacts in and out of your eyes.

Colour #1 – Polar Lights Brown

This colour is the most popular one on their website and the one that I saw most people wearing. Since I have dark brown eyes, I thought that this option would be the best for a more subtle look. I was WRONG. These are the most subtle pair out of all three, however they were still quite a drastic change compared to my natural dark colour. What I DO like about the Polar Lights contacts are the size – they fit over my pupil perfectly without making them too cartoonish/anime looking – this is exactly what I was looking for!

Colour #2 – Polar Lights Grey

Polar Lights Grey contacts from TTDeye
Polar Lights Grey contacts from TTDeye (and yes I have uneven eyelids)

This colour is the second most popular one – the Polar Lights series are definitely more natural looking, but these are lighter than I anticipated. These are even lighter than Polar Lights Brown – so they will provide an even more exaggerated look.

Colour #3 – Floweriness Grey

I really don’t recommend these contacts – unless you’re looking to dress up a costume or cosplay. These contacts will give you those doll-like vibes and if you’re looking for more day-to-day wear, these are not the ones for you. I didn’t get any photos with these ones – and unfortunately I don’t think I’ll ever wear them 😦

Overall, the only pair that I think I’ll wear frequently is Polar Lights Brown. Although Polar Lights Grey also fits well, the difference it brings to my eye colour is so drastic that I will only wear it on special occasions. That being said, all three contacts are very comfortable! Although I have yet to wear them for more than 6 hours at a time, they feel hydrated and are comfortable!

If you’re scared of trying random online stores and haven’t seen my Romwe vs. YesStyle review, you should definitely check it out! Comment below what products you want to see me review next! 👇


Emily Yau

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