PRODUCT REVIEW // TTDEye Coloured Contacts

PRODUCT REVIEW // TTDEye Coloured Contacts

...And I'm back with another product review! Today I'm going to go over some coloured contacts and three different colours that I tested out. Since summer is just around the corner, I figured that now's the best time to try some new looks. Polar Lights Brown in one eye. Such a huge difference! TTDEye is [...]


OUTFIT OF THE DAY // The Classic Trio – White, Black, and Beige

This outfit is inspired by one of my favourite colour combinations: white, black, and beige. Whatever pieces you pair together, as long as they're one of these three colours, it's almost impossible to go wrong. Here in Toronto the weather is going through that limbo summer-spring phase and I know that I never know how [...]

A Little Piece of Em

Welcome to my blog! My name is Emily and I come from the dazzling Toronto Canada (I'm actually from the suburbs, but who's keeping track). I'm Chinese-Canadian, a university student, and in my free time I love to create. I express myself through my style and my Instagram, but I wanted to do more. And that [...]