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SPRING STYLE // New Purchases Haul

Hey everyone, I’m back with a new post and this time I’m showcasing some items I bought in my recent Forever 21 purchase and how I like to style them. A lot of these pieces are pretty mainstream and can be found at most stores. I was inspired by the warm weather and the end of Winter (finally!). Let’s get started!

Realness Patch Overall Dress

I absolutely love this purchase! It gives me street style racer vibes and can be worn many different ways. In this outfit, I decided to opt for a chic look by pairing the dress with a white turtleneck underneath. Since it’s still a little cold, I wore knee high striped socks from Ardene – which also complement the patches on the overalls. This casual yet chic look is completed with a pair of faux leather sock boots. (And it has pockets – score!)

Outfit made with my new purchases with racer overalls,

Patent Faux Leather Sock Boots 

I was dying to get myself a pair of sock boots since that trend is totally killing it right now. Sad to say that this purchase did not satisfy my expectations. 😦 Although they look killer, the height of the heel is slightly taller than I had anticipated and there’s very little padding to support your ankles, making it very difficult to wear for an entire day. I’d only wear these for nights out.

Canvas Cabby Hat

This cabby hat has been one of my favourite go-to accessories, especially on those second day hair days. It fits perfectly snug without worry of it falling off or being too tight that it gives me headaches. It’s also at an affordable price ranging from $10 – $15 depending on the sale that day.

Hooded Faux Fur Jacket

Forever 21 is the best place to purchase high end dupes. Doesn’t this furry jacket look like it could be worth over $80? For $24, I bought this super soft and luxurious jacket that will up your boujee points. You just have to make sure you keep an eye out for sales and epic deals!

V-Cutout Laced Grommet Top

Not a good purchase. Firstly, the shirt is way too big on me even though I got size small. Secondly, this shirt is not flattering on any part of the body!

Floral Satin Dress

The same one seems to be sold out, but I linked the closest one that I could find on their site. Since it’s still a little cold for cami dresses, I wore the dress with a pair of loose culottes. This dress feels super soft and I can imagine myself wearing it in the summer because of how light and flowy it is. At the same time, a simple cami dress can be used in a casual or a dressy occasion – a closet secret weapon.

If you’re looking for other budget alternative stores, check out my YesStyle vs. RomWe post where I review some items I’ve purchased and compare the two!

Rock on,


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Outfit of the Day | The Classic Trio – White, Black, and Beige

This outfit is inspired by one of my favourite colour combinations: white, black, and beige. Whatever pieces you pair together, as long as they’re one of these three colours, it’s almost impossible to go wrong. Here in Toronto the weather is going through that limbo summer-spring phase and I know that I never know how to dress for this weather. Here’s a classic look that I opt for on these limbo days – layers. layers. layers.


THE POWER OF LAYERS! Don’t be scared to layer a jacket on top of another jacket on top of another jacket. Scroll down for OOTD details!



My inside top is a white thermal turtleneck from UNIQLO – it’s a closet must have. Then my second layer is a thin jacket/blazer from ZARA which you can see clearer here. Then my final layer is a hooded jacket lined with fleece from UNIQLO Japan. Jeans are Hollister jeggings and shoes are Romwe sneakers. My current favourite – star shaped earrings – are from YesStyle and can be found here.

What I want to emphasis is that all of the pieces I wore in this outfit can be duped by items in your own closet. And this fit is extremely simple! Switch the turtleneck for a plain white tee, or go for your favourite cardigan instead of the inner jacket. You’ve got so many options!

If you like what you see, follow me on Instagram and follow my blog! Black, white, and beige are staples for me – what colours can you not live without in your wardrobe? Comment below!